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Posted by on May 30, 2013 in Life, Randomness | 2 comments

Is this the best you got?

Since I ate all the attention with my awesomeness, some of my Jamia classmates, clearly feeling defeated and jealous too to some extent, are giving it all trying to bring my spirit down Saying shit like

“He plays guitar.”
“Everyone cool and the girls hang out with him.”

Facebook Fail

Strike One

Really? How low an IQ does one need to even think of insulting someone with this? If anything, I’m flattered.

If you really wanna make me feel insulted I got two words for you – try harder. The same two words that people should have chanted everytime your parents tried to infanticide you.

By the way those are also two of the things that will never happen to you — even if you
-cut your hair (which you don’t have),
-change your name (which you should anyway) and
-stop farting out loud in public (which you can not refrain from since it’s genetically inherited we believe.)

Anyway say all you want. I know how normal it is to react this way to a human being superior to you. I refuse to bother. I’m sure you’ll move on to your next target (anyone who happens to be better than you) as soon as you spot them. Now with your personality and the exclusive set of skills that you have how long can that take? Not much. Can I help you though? Look for the guy cleaning the toilet in your building and there you have it!

Meanwhile instead of wasting my time reacting to your silly Facebook activities I would like to channelize my energies towards things that can make my friends and family proud someday (eg: blogging) unlike you who’ll do nothing but make 13 babies, or maybe more, who will become just like you or at best blow themselves up due to lack of education and bad parenting.

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  1. achchi bezzati karte ho logon ki.. style me…

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