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Posted by on Sep 18, 2012 in Music | 3 comments

The Script #3 « Betweenmyearphones’s Blog

The Script is a band I admit I discovered quite late in the day. They have been in the scene since 2001, but I started listening to them only last year. When I heard them first (on Jango, my favourite music app), I knew I wanted to hear more of this band, so I quickly downloaded both their albums, and have been waiting to blog about them. I was sold on the band. However, their third album, titled #3 is not exactly their best piece of work.

If you are one of those people who like switching between hip-hop and rock, then the album is made for you (I barely ever hear of a rocker who would switch to hip-hop or vice versa). Nevertheless, the album is amalgamation of two genres.

The first song, ‘Good Ol’ Days’ is a typically The Script song. You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you it’s a complete rip off of a ‘For the first time’ from their previous album. Even the lyrics, “all these times are hard”. I mean an artist copying their own song. The saving grace for the song is its somewhat muted piano solo.

‘Six Degrees of Separation’ is in my opinion one of the best songs on the album. It’s a winner, because it so real. In an interview, lead singer, Danny O’Donoghue admitted that this song was about his breakup with Irma Mali. He was quoted saying, “It’s been hard. I’d escape from the pain of the break-up by going into the studio.” If you liked ‘Breakeven’, you will love ‘Six Degrees of Separation’. The stringed (Violin, Viola, Cello) backing adds the perfect touch to the song.

‘Hall of Fame’ is the third track on the album. It’s the track that has received most promotion and visibility, not to mention the most criticism from The Script fans. Seriously, I thought you were bad enough on Piggy chops’s single, now you ruin one of my most coveted bands. Go back to Black eyed peas, you were appreciated there! This song is a strict No-No for me.

Well the next song makes up for it. It’s like The Script sandwiched the good songs in between the not-so-good ones. ‘If You Could See Me Now’ pays tribute to Danny’s late father Shay, and lead guitarist Mark Sheehan’s late parents, his mother died four months before Danny’s dad and he lost his father at a young age. The song is emotionally charged, and might bring a tear or two to your eyes, if you have lost your parents. From the title of the song, one would think this song’s about “who has won the break-up”. But the song’s much more than a silly cliché. My favourite line, “He’d say music was the home for your pain, and explain, I was young, he would say “Take that rage, put it on a page, take the page to the stage, blow the roof off the place””

Here is another song that does justice to the album. ‘Glowing’ has a nice racing drum beat. There is something about the bands humility that struck me in this song. Mark in an interview said, “We’ve been unsuccessful longer than we’ve been successful.”

‘Give the Love Around’ reminds me of ‘Daughters’ by John Mayer. The lyrical theme is so similar; giving the love around, the circle of life. This song is easy going, a song that I would listen to in my car (if I ever get to driving that is). A very typically The Script song, again the strings in the back gives a nice feel. A lot of explicit lyrics on this album, and a lot of rapping on this song.

Next up is ‘Broken Arrow’, love the acoustic guitar and viola feel in the start. Somehow, I was not very impressed with the song so much because of the excessive rapping. The chorus lifted the song, but then the rapping spoils it again.

The beginning guitar riff on ‘Kaleidoscope’ reminds me of their song The Man who can be moved. Then I listen further and it reminds me of a song by U2, the guitar riff that is. They openly claim that they are strongly influenced by their Irish contemporaries.

‘No Words’ has a beautiful build up with the stringed quartet. Again, the song loses its rock essence cause of all the rapping. But I tried to ignore that and the song sounded nice.

is a nice song, less rapping, easy listening. Love the end, so abrupt, so nice.

There are just a few peaks in the album, with many troughs. But the peaks keep me happy. Then there are the other albums that are winners. So maybe this is just a slight slump. After all, the band has a string of biggie fans including Elton John, Paul McCartney and Adele.

via The Script #3 « Betweenmyearphones’s Blog.

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    • Not a problem.. Found your blog really brilliant.. Will be back to stalk again pretty soon 😉

  1. I like your track-by-track review. Nevertheless, I’m still a huge fan of them, as their live performance makes up for any troughs they have in their new album :) Right now, I’m hooked on their new video for “Hall of Fame.”

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